Hello. I am an artist living in Los Angeles, California. I was born in Pittsburgh, Pa, and visit there from time to time. This is where I self publish digital content that communicates what I make. Many (but not all) of the things I have made are on this website. Some things are on this website too. Since I don’t have a nice camera the quality of the photos on this site is inconsistent — sometimes a venue or friend takes nice pictures, sometimes I can borrow a camera or rent a lens, and sometimes I use my phone.

I currently earn money by digitally drawing components of, and contraptions for moving, other people’s sculptures. I give the drawings to robots, or skilled fabricators, that then make the art. The results are in major museums around the world. There is a capitalist owner that makes money off of my labor power. I used to earn money making metal furniture components. The people that buy the furniture and art are extremely wealthy. Income inequality is good for these businesses. I participate in the trickle down economy for 36 hours a week.

I sleep about 52 hours a week.

I spend about 11 hours a week getting around Los Angeles by bike and train and often get yelled at by motorists. While on the subway I read, this amounts to about 4 hours a week. I have been hit by a car here once. The accident destroyed my bicycle and helmet, but thankfully I only had a small cut on my head and some light bruising. The person that hit me lives in the car he hit me with. He paid me $500 for the bike frame and bought me a new helmet. He gave me the money in cash in three installments. Several times people have thrown things at me, including a gallon jug of water. I squirt water into or at people’s cars if they really piss me off. One time I squirted a guy with water and he proceeded to drive his car in circles around an intersection threatening to hit me. I was nimble enough on my bike to avoid him. I saw a bystander stopped at the intersection laughing at the situation and I started laughing too. I haven’t squirted anyone with water since that happened.

I spend between 15-20 hours a week making art or doing ancillary activities. I wish I had more time to do this but this but it could be worse. You can see the product of this activity on the other tab of this website so I won’t talk any more about it.

Whatever time I haven’t tallied is spent eating, drinking, socializing, urinating, defecating, fornicating, and streaming things on the internet.

Anyway, if you want to text or call me, my number is (four-one-two)-seven-two-zero-five-six-three-1.

I also know the real reason you clicked on this tab was to see my CV. It is out of date but I don’t feel like updating it right now.


Solo/Two Person Exhibitions


(L,W,H), Big Medium at Fusebox Festival, Austin, Texas


Alex.Chitty Aaron.Meyers, Permanent.Collection, Austin, Texas


Aaron Meyers // Carey Denniston, 100 Forsyth, 100a Forsyth St. New York, New York

A Houston Trilogy, BLUEorange Contemporary, Houston, Texas

XO, Red Space Gallery, Austin, Texas


(voice of rational being), Unsmoke Artspace, Braddock Pennsylvania

Selected Group Exhibitions


I will go on…, Montserrat College of Art Gallery, Beverly, MA


Parallels, 725 Westminster, Providence, Rhode Island

Sun Spots, Big Medium, Austin, Texas

Agree to Disagree, Visual Arts Center, University of Texas at Austin


Pound for Pound! PS1, Royal College of Art, London, UK

AHoM, MOHA, Austin, Texas

Domain of a Partial Function, helper projects, Brooklyn, New York

I Try and I Try and I Try , Find and Form Gallery, Boston, Massachusetts

ISC Award Show, Contemporary Art Center New Orleans, New Orleans, Louisiana

Bar, Chain Drive, Austin, Texas

Asterisk, Big Medium, Austin, Texas


A Catalogue, Tiny Park, Austin, Texas

ISC Outstanding Student Achievement in Contemporary Sculpture Award Show, Grounds For Sculpture, Hamilton, New Jersey

Under The Moon Tower, David Shelton Gallery, Houston, Texas


EAST, Big Medium, Austin Texas

Little By Little, Samek Art Gallery, Bucknell University, Lewisburg Pennsylvania

Better Than Nothing, Grey Art Gallery, Williamsport, Pennsylvania


From Life, Grey Art Gallery, Williamsport, Pennsylvania

Seeking an Impression, Samek Art Gallery, Bucknell University, Lewisburg Pennsylvania

Selected Awards


The AAF/Seebacher Prize for Fine Arts, American Austrian Foundation, Salzburg, Austria

Pump Projects, Artist in Residence, Austin, Texas


Deans Creative Research Fellowship, UT Austin

Lucas Foundation Scholarship, UT Austin


ISC 2013 Outstanding Student Achievement in Contemporary Sculpture Award, International Sculpture Center, Hamilton New Jersey

Vermont Studio Center Residency Fellowship, UT Austin

Irving and Jeannette Goodfriend Endowed Presidential Scholarship in Art, UT Austin


Eugenie Kamrath Mygdal Endowed Scholarship in Sculpture, UT Austin

Charles Umlauf Centennial Endowed Scholarship, UT Austin


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MFA The University of Texas at Austin, Sculpture and Extended Media, 2015

BS Bucknell University, With Honors in Mathematics, 2010

A complete cv as a pdf is available upon request.